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With my “Ready by Monday” offerings, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running with your marketing strategy, website, branding and social media. Instead of working through these tasks by yourself, or going through the traditional process that takes weeks of back and forth…what if you had a dedicated session to knock it out? 


Ready by Monday is a VIP intensive that provides you an exclusive timeslot in my schedule to knock out your requests quickly so you can move forward growing your business, making sales, and doing what you love! 


 Each Ready by Monday session is unique and tailored to your specific needs and goals. Give me a to-do list of whatever is holding you up, and my time is 100% dedicated to solely you, and getting you up and rolling.


By Monday, you’ll feel accomplished and ready to start the week with confidence.

Meet Chelsey Holts,  
The CMO to your CEO

I can’t wait to introduce you to the excitement and relief you’ll feel with the Ready by Monday program. I know how busy life can be. Seriously. I’m a mom, wife, colleague and business owner. You aren’t in this alone, and don’t have to tackle your marketing, branding, and website tasks on your own.

That’s why I created Ready By Monday, an intensive program to help grow your project or business and leave you time to focus on what excites you most. 


I want to see you thrive, not just survive. Let’s work together, and get you ready by Monday! 

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What You Get

On your Ready by Monday session, you’ll get a full 8 hours of dedicated work time on your business: your website, branding, graphics, or social media accounts. During this time I will be in contact with you, asking for your feedback and updating you on the status of the work.



Completely outlining what you can expect from our time together

Onboarding Questionnaire

Detailed so we both have a solid understanding of your goals, your messaging, and your audience

Dedicated Work Time

 To focus only on your needs. No other clients, no other priorities. (Except the occasional coffee pour & baby snuggle, of course.)

Plus These Bonuses

Included with every intensive package

Access to your very own Ready by Monday portal, with a workbook and guides that will make sure we’re both ready-to-go on your session.

A Strategy Call prior to your session to discuss the things you need my help with. This call will ensure that we’re on the same page with expectations – and will help make sure we make the most effective use of our time together.

30 days of Post-Session Support: Following your VIP Day, you’ll get 30 days of email support where you can ask me any questions, request feedback, clarification, and personalized walk-thru video demos, as needed.

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How does it work?


book your
VIP day

Pick a day that works for you: Keep in mind you’ll need time to complete the pre-session work including strategy calls and you’ll need to have any content ready for your day. I recommend typically 2-3 weeks out.

You’ll need to be available virtually during the day, so don’t choose a vacation weekend or appointment heavy time. You can reserve your date with a 50% deposit. 


complete the
pre-session work

After you’ve booked your date, check your email - for your confirmation email and the Ready by Monday service contract to be signed.

After the contract is signed, you will receive your welcome email with details about the work needed and the link to your client portal with pre-work. 


enjoy your
VIP day

During your session, I'll dig into your request and we'll communicate via a messaging app to collaborate as I work through it.


This is not an in-person or video-call intensive but I do need to be able to reach you for feedback and questions.


At the end of your day, I'll send you the final work completed and provide 1 hour of revisions/final touches on your work.

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The Ready By Monday Guarantee

Quality Work - I only deliver work I’m proud of and excited to show off

10 Years of Experience and Strategy  - I promise to create something I know will work for your brand

100% attention on you - No other client work, emails or priorities

30 days of email support following your session

What we can we work on

Here are some examples of projects that can typically be completed in just 1-2 Ready by Monday intensives:

  • Refresh your WordPress, Squarespace, Wix or Weebly website with some design and page layout updates.

  • Create a 3-5 page website on WordPress, Squarespace, Wix or Weebly

  • Move your old website from one platform to another

  • Tackle your list of website issues that need to be fixed and updates that you’d like to be made.

  • Customize the design of a website theme to match your branding

  • Create social media graphics with consistent and professional branding

  • Create captivating social media content for your brand - and schedule it for you - for up to 6 months to a year!

Ready By Monday Offerings

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