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5 Social Media Management Tools to Level Up Your Brand

Hey there! It’s your friendly social media director dropping in with a few social media management tools to level up your brand. As we’re counting down the days to 2022, how are you feeling about your social media? Is it meh, or ah-maz-ing? Hopefully these tools can help turn things around and level up your posting heading into a new year.

  1. Canva - All I want this holiday season is for you to discover the truly amazing capabilities of Canva. Use their many templates to design social media posts, newsletters, brochures, videos (even IG reels!) and schedule directly from their platform. You can even design merch! I strongly encourage you to gift yourself a Canva Pro subscription for even more capabilities!

  2. InShot: Edit your photos, and reels easily for TikTok, IG, and more! Add transitions, stickers, effects and filters easily.

  3. IQ Hashtags: Take a look at top hashtags in your niche, discover banned hashtags (yes, those exist), and see how your profile and hashtags are performing.

  4. Not Just Analytics: You’re telling me I can view analytics on my brand, but also others? The FBI investigator in me is pleased. See how your competition is doing on Instagram, evaluate your page, and check out brands you admire with this tool.

  5. Later: One of my favorite things, Later allows you to plan, auto-post and schedule your content for weeks in advance. I am a fan of batch scheduling out content, so I can go at least a week or so without worrying about what is being posted on my Instagram. I’m able to view analytics directly in the platform, and tweak captions and scheduling times if need be. Did I mention there’s a mobile app to work on the go?

Hope these tips help your brand level up - and feel free to drop in the comments to let me know your favorite social media tool!

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